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San Francisco, CA


About Mack


I'm Mack, or as others also know me, Mackenzie. I am an artist, designer and color enthusiast. Everyday, I am thankful for finding a profession that is fun and fulfilling. This passion began long ago, when my parents and teachers nurtured something that I had shown a love for. When I was little, I often had to take projects home from school because I would get so lost in the fun and details of it all, that I rarely finished before the bell rang. After leaving college and venturing out into the working world, I aspired to work in a place where I felt challenged to think and solve problems creatively. And today, I get to do that in my very own studio! 

Outside of work, there are many things that keep me busy and inspired. First and foremost, my husband and I have welcomed a little girl to our family, so we find ourselves consumed with all things "baby" these days. I also love seeing all corners of the world, along with more local road trips up and down the West Coast. I haven't met an art museum I didn't like. And, as for books, I will admit that I read more blogs and Instagram posts than anything else these days.

So, that's me in a nutshell. Now, go take a peek at my work, and add some more fun and color to your life!